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Thread: 620watt PSU enough?

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    Default 620watt PSU enough?

    e6600 c2d
    p5wdg pro
    8800 gtx oc
    1 dvd
    3 sata hd's
    2gb g.skill
    9700 zalman, aerocool turbine 120mm exhaust, couple more fans
    620watt aerocool PSU
    My computer runs fine under load, even after i pushed it listening to iTunes while running counter-strike source and World of warcraft all at the same time (just tabbing between progs after i die). but when i let it idle overnight, i usually wake up and find that it restarted while i was asleep...and i know nothing is running. Only thing i can think of is that im getting power sags, but this psu should run this setup fine i would think. my temps are beautiful. ideas? or is 620w not enough? what would be a good utility to run to check this out?

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    Default Re: 620watt PSU enough?

    Last I remember hearing, 8800GTX video cards were recommending a 750-watt PSU due to the high demand for power.
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    Default Re: 620watt PSU enough?

    Typically, instability at load is where PSU insufficiencies would show. "Asus Probe", which came with your MB, can monitor and keep record of voltages/temps and fan speeds. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

    Overclocking (like your GPU) requires ample PSU headroom.
    Case - CoolerMaster Wavemaster
    Monitor - 37" Sceptre NagaIII @1080p
    PSU - PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad
    MB - Asus P5K Deluxe
    CPU - Intel C2D E4300 (overclocks to come ASAP)
    GPU - 7800GTX 256 @ 608/1440 volt mod
    RAM - 2x 1gig Corsair "Dominator" PC2 8500
    Sound - Creative X-FI elite pro
    Klipsh THX certified 4.1
    Sennheiser HD-650 (naked)
    Headroom Micro amp w/desktop mod/Cordas HPI cables
    HDD - 1x 74gig raptor for OS
    3x 74gig raptors in RAID0 for games
    1x 500gig WD for swap file/storage
    Cooling - Appogee CPU/GPU blocks
    3/8"ID 5/8"OD Tygon tubing
    3x 120mm BIE radiator
    Swiftech MCP655 317GPH pump
    Vantec Stealth fans throughout

    Laptop - Dell XPS 2
    CPU - PM 2.0
    GPU - 7800 GTX Go @ 440/1300
    RAM - 2 Gigs DDR2
    HDD - 60G 7200rpm + 160G external
    Sound - Audigy2 ZS Notebook, Sony EX51 budphones

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    Default Re: 620watt PSU enough?

    Cheap 620W, no, not good enough. A good name brand (Silverstone, OCZ, Corsair, Zippy, Tagan, etc..) high quality 500W PSU is fine for a single GTX.
    GIgabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
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    Patriot 1866MHz EL series 2X4GB DDR3
    Powercolour HD 6970 2GB w/XFX 8800GT 512MB Hybrid PhysX
    Creative X-FI titanium HD w/Technics class A 300W amp and tower speakers
    PC P&C 500W PSU
    2TB Seagate
    Coolermaster 690II w/Corsair H100 tucked under the hood

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    Default Re: 620watt PSU enough?

    I havent woke up to a reboot since i posted this. I have NO idea whats going on. Tested to aerocool with the xoxide psu tester and everything was running! i overclocked the cpu and ram...sitting at 3.2 ghtz right now, stress test, no errors, no reboot. I think ive got a magical psu. just needed a little break in maybe? who knows.

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