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Thread: Motherboard Replacement

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    An employee of mine had an Emachine (I know :( ) that she said just stopped working. She said it just shut off while she was on the internet, and it never turned on again. She took it to a computer shop and said it was the Mobo and wanted $300+ to repair. So she asked me to look at it. Its a Celeron Socket 478 with 2 sticks of ram, 256 and 512. Standard IDE CD Drive and HD with a floppy. Integrated Video and Sound. So I ordered a new Mobo from (An Asus Socket 478, same chipsets) and swapped it in. Got everything hooked up, booted it, and there was no video out. It was running, but no video signal. So I powered it down, took off all everything but the Power Supply to Mobo connections, the Ram sticks and the CPU and Fan. I tried booting and nothing, no power or anything. So I hooked it to a known good powersupply. It turned on, with still no video, so I shut it off, and it wont turn on again. I tried everything and it just won't go.

    Just wondering if you guys think I got a dead Mobo or something funky is going on, I never experienced this and I've built a bunch of computers.

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    I had almost the exact problem happen to a computer I was working on for a friend.

    I sent it back to the manufacturer and they replace the motherboard. Everything worked again.

    Good Luck!

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    More likely the CPU died, have you tried another one in either mainboard (I've had serveral of those s478 Celerons here DOA lately)?

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