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I have played swap out the memory from the motherboard day.
1 stick, 2 stick, 3 stick, 4...lol. But I still receive erros in the loading screen.
I have also played around with ram placement in the sockets, doing a switchero and all the rest.

However, things have now changed:

When I am loading of the Win 2K, Win XP, Win 98 SE even.
The Blue Screen loads right up to the point where it says - "Setup is loading windows",
then I see the Keyboard flash, my system makes a funny sound as if the hard drive is powering down.
Then it freezes all of the sudden.

When it froze before it ALWAYS stoped near the loading drivers of CD stage.

However since I played with the RAM there have been cases where it has loaded right up to the 3 Options menu displaying the numbers and asking you what to do next. But as soon as that happens the keyboard becomes inactive.

I have an IBM PS/2 Keyboard. Never had any issues with it...untill maybe now. :-(

Also since the memory swap, I have noticed when loading of the install CD for Windows 2K, Win XP or Srv 2k3.
That my system reboots automatically, just a micron before the CD is finished loading the install options. This continues in an infinate loop. :-(

What could possibly be causing this?
You are beating a dead horse.

Wait until you can afford a new hard drive or keep pulling your hair out.