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Thread: Problems booting my motherboard :-(

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    Default Problems booting my motherboard :-(

    Hey Guys.

    I have been having trouble booting up a motherboard lately.

    The CPU and it's fan is installed. I have NOT taken apart the CPU or removed it from its socket. So it should still work. I have however tested the memory on another system, to see if they work. Yes, they boot up fine.

    I have plugged in the ATX Power, ATX 12V Power, IDE Power connections on the motherboard. I have NOT installed a floppy disk. But I have tried connecting one at a time, either an IDE Hard Drive or DVD Reader. I have installed the Pin Headers on the motherboard for the RESET SWITCH, POWER SWITCH, PC SPEAKER, POWER LED + and POWER LED -.


    When I turn on the system through the front button on my case, my MONITOR doesn't light up. I have also been unable to get into a POST.
    My motherboard does not beep when I power it on nor does it show any sign of life on my monitor. My monitor just goes into Sleep Mode, as if the computer is turned of.
    I have tested my monitor on another system and yes it does work.

    I suspected that maybe it was my Graphics Card which was the problem, but I have swapped it out for another one, getting the same result. :-(

    I then thought that maybe it was my RAM which died, however I tried the sticks in another computer and they boot up fine.

    I have also checked if the connectors on the motherboard to see if they are properly seated and firmly connected. Yes, they should be working. I have unplugged and plugged them back in several times to no avail.

    I do have a few LED CASE FANS, 5 to be exact.
    I have tried to boot the computer with them connected and without them, but I still get the same problem. The case fans do light up, however if they do light up.
    I do not understand how the power supply could be at fault?

    I am currently powering the motherboard with a 250 Watt AOpen ATX Power Supply.

    I tried as a last resort to uninstall all the memory from my motherboard to see if I would get a response. Yes, I do get a long..."BBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP" when there is no memory installed on the motherboard.

    Does this mean the motherboard is alive??????????

    I suspect that my Power Supply could be at fault or Pin Header Orientation on the motherboard. Possibly even Jumper Settings somewhere on the board. However I am stumped and getting frustrated.

    Help Me Please :-(

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    Default Re: Problems booting my motherboard :-(

    You system specs would help a little bit. Your guess of power supply is a good place to start. If this is a modern computer that you are attempting to power from a 250 watt PSU then I would think the problem is solved. Even if you are using a very old system it is more than possible for the PSU to be at fault.
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    Default Re: Problems booting my motherboard :-(

    Yes, the power supply should be your first step in troubleshooting. See about getting a decent one and trying to boot from there. I doubt that you are having any issues with the pinout of the main power coupler since they are different between standards, so an older version AT PSU won't plug into a more recent ATX board.
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    Default Re: Problems booting my motherboard :-(

    Wooh. I was able to fix it.

    It's "{ALIVE}"

    It turns out, that one fo the Graphics Cards I was testing with, was actually fried.
    Also the "Power Supply Unit" was a dud.


    My next hurdle is -

    When I try to install an Operating System on the Board, I boot of the CD for Windows 2K.
    I go through the "BLUE" loading screen...when the loading is almost complete.
    Just before you get the 3 options to install or recover etc. The "BLUE" screen freezes.
    It doesn't respond...nothing at all. I have tried multiple CDs...from Win 2k, XP, Server 2003, Windows 98 SE...I receive the same problem. :-(

    I have chosen Windows 2K because I have one of those, 1 Gb HDD.
    Which I will use for testing, untill I can afford a new HDD. ":-(

    I have swaped out the DVD Reader, with a CD Burner but all to no avail.
    I receive exactly the same problem as before.

    Altho curiously when I load "Windows Server 2003" I receive an error in the Blue Loading Screen as follows = "fastfat.sys" systems error.

    I suspect the harddrive may be at fault, however the only spare ones I have atm are 500Mb or

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    Default Re: Problems booting my motherboard :-(

    Unfortunately, that is almost certainly a hard drive issue. Right where it is freezing is where it is scanning the HD.
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    Default Re: Problems booting my motherboard :-(

    Bugger. I'm screwed then. :-(

    Only other HDDs I might have lying around are 500 Mb or'z.
    I have a 133 Mb HDD...that should Pwn'.

    I can not afford $60 for a new HDD. :-(

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    Default Re: Problems booting my motherboard :-(

    I have played swap out the memory from the motherboard day.
    1 stick, 2 stick, 3 stick, But I still receive erros in the loading screen.
    I have also played around with ram placement in the sockets, doing a switchero and all the rest.

    However, things have now changed:

    When I am loading of the Win 2K, Win XP, Win 98 SE even.
    The Blue Screen loads right up to the point where it says - "Setup is loading windows",
    then I see the Keyboard flash, my system makes a funny sound as if the hard drive is powering down.
    Then it freezes all of the sudden.

    When it froze before it ALWAYS stoped near the loading drivers of CD stage.

    However since I played with the RAM there have been cases where it has loaded right up to the 3 Options menu displaying the numbers and asking you what to do next. But as soon as that happens the keyboard becomes inactive.

    I have an IBM PS/2 Keyboard. Never had any issues with it...untill maybe now. :-(

    Also since the memory swap, I have noticed when loading of the install CD for Windows 2K, Win XP or Srv 2k3.
    That my system reboots automatically, just a micron before the CD is finished loading the install options. This continues in an infinate loop. :-(

    What could possibly be causing this?

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    Default Re: Problems booting my motherboard :-(

    Cheers dude.

    I only wish I had the funds for a new system...heh.
    $300 would probably do me...heh. Looking at current prices. lol :-/

    Well anyway, my system specs are listed below.


    CPU Intel Pentium 4 (2.5 Ghz)

    Motherboard - JetWay Alioth PE / Intel 845 PE Chipset
    Galaxy Series

    RAM - 2 x 256 Mb DDR 333 Mhz - PQI

    Power Supply - 430 Watt Thermaltake. *New PSU with PCI-E connectors

    GeForce 2 - mx400 - 64 Mb - AGP 4X

    5 x (8 cm) LED Case Fans...I know, I know

    1 x (IDE) LG DVD Reader

    Now I only have a Maxtor 1 Gb (IDE) hard drive to survive of, since my 40 Gb Western.Digital died... :-(

    Thats about it. :-/


    I have included a Picture of my motherboard, when I took it out.
    *The Date imprinted on the photo is

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    Default Re: Problems booting my motherboard :-(

    For starters I'd blow all that dust in the HSF out and that will get the CPU cooler but in that picture of your mainboard have a look at the caps by the CPU socket and the big cap just under the AGP slot, I don't know whether its just the picture but some of those caps look to be starting to bulge.

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    Default Re: Problems booting my motherboard :-(

    they do look like they are buldging - new mboard time or if your good with a soldering iron just duck down to the local electronics store and but some replacements

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