I've got a very weird problem.

On my laptop (Presario 2145US), my touchpad stops working when I press the "fn" key and the volume keys. Basically, when i try to turn the volume up down or mute by pressing the blueish 2nd function.

And when i say the touchpad stops working, i mean the ability to click on things. I can move the mouse all i want, but i can't click on anything. The keyboard also locks up. The only thing that responds is the windows key, which is useless because i can't navigate the start menu, and alt control delete. Again, i can't click on anything once that screen pops up.

I can windows key L to get to the user menu, and then i am able to click back in. Even when i press my power button i am able to start clicking for a split second before it shuts down.

I can go for a while (30+ so far) without it locking up as long as i stay away from the volume controls.

I've tried every combo of driver for both the touchpad and the sound you can imagine. I even tried with a usb mouse, which suffers the same affect. I also uninstalled the the sound drivers, but it happens if i still press the combo.