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Thread: Stuck in Auto-Restart after MOBO and CPU upgrade.

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    Exclamation Stuck in Auto-Restart after MOBO and CPU upgrade.

    I realize that when doing such major hardware changes it is standard to reformat the OS, windows has such a hard time coping with new hardware.

    There is a new motherboard, a new CPU, (AMD Athlon X2 5000+), and memory as well.

    The computer boots fine into safe mode, and from safe mode I installed the motherboard drivers. When I try to do a full boot it shows a BSOD after about 10 seconds of the windows loading screen. The computer reboots too quickly to see what the error is, and I can't seem to find an option to disable auto-reboot in the BIOS.

    The motherboard is an Asus M2A-VM.

    I would prefer to just reformat and install a new OS but this is a computer taken from an office setting, where it was set up in a network running specialized software that I am not comfortable trying to reconfigure after a fresh OS install.

    Thanks guys.
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    Default Re: Stuck in Auto-Restart after MOBO and CPU upgrade.

    go into safe mode, right click on my computer click on properties.

    then go to advanced settings, then startup & recovery.

    Uncheck the "auto restart" box.
    reboot and tell us the error afterwards.

    I know y...cause wen u plug in a HDD into a new motherboard, it doesnt work since the controllers are different on each MB. there is no otherway except backing up ur data and doing a fresh install.
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    Default Re: Stuck in Auto-Restart after MOBO and CPU upgrade.

    A lot depends on the OS you have.
    There is a work around for some OS, but no reconmended!
    Reinstall the old Mother/CPU and boot the system.
    Within Device manager - Hardware Profiles add a new profile 'oldstuff', power down and make the hardware changes.
    Reboot - You'll be asked which 'Profile' you want to install - choose none of the above [or something like that] OS will now start to install compatible drivers, remember on reboot this new profile will become the original profile, it my take a few attemps before system full starts. As I said it is possible with some OS and others it just doesn't work.

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