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Thread: ntdlr missing

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    error on bootup ntdlr missing.
    no floppy drive no cd drive
    have spare laptop

    any ideas

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    If you've got the Win2k/XP disc, boot off of it and try repairing it or getting into the console and typing "fixboot" (no quotes)

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    sounds like the files in the root of the system drive have all been deleted, or else the disk has been formatted

    as suggested boot off the 2k/xp cdrom (u'll need a cd-drive ;) ) and select the repair option, that is IF it detects your existing installation, if not, then my other suggestion would be to throw the drive in another computer and see if you are able to view the drives contents, hence check what is on the disk, save what you need to keep (never forget the favourites :) )and format the thing and start afresh

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    I agree with Skullshot...I had the same problem ...I did what skullshot suggested for you to do. I saved everything i needed and formatted. I formatted with a Win98 disk though...i started from scratch and it worked nicely for me.: peace2:
    - Damien

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    yeah sorry bro, its happened to me when the first release of Win2k was out.

    i try to do a routine-mass-file-from-HDD-to-CDR back up session every month or so, so that i dont lose any of my porn, **cough.. i mean important school stuff and the such.

    it might have been a virus =)

    i usually keep all my imp. stuff on a seperate partition. and yes as mentioned above, dont forget the favorites hehehe :p
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