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Thread: problems with viewing videos on computer

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    Default problems with viewing videos on computer

    hey, i have a brand new gateway p7811fx gaming laptop and a few days ago i decided to sift through it so that i could delete certain files that weren't needed for obvious reasons.

    anyways, now, whenever i watch movies in any kind of player, online, offline, whatever, almost the exact same thing will happen.

    every 5 minutes or so the screen will lag for maybe 2 seconds, sometimes more sometimes less depending on my power settings and the video quality. after it lags the audio is occasionally much further ahead than the video, but it will also sometimes end up glitching up along with the video. the computer is easily fast enough to run a video file with beyond perfect ease, but for the life of me i cannot figure out why it is doing this.

    was it something i deleted, and if so, where can i redownload it/how can i install it/what file is it, or if its a setting or whatever, i really need to know how to fix it :/

    system specs:

    MODEL :gateway p-7811FX
    PROCESSOR :Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26 GHz/2.27 GHz processor
    RAM :4.00 GB RAM
    AUDIO :NVIDIA HDMI Audio/Contextant High Definition SmartAudio 221 (not sure which one its using currently but if i switch between them it won't make a difference)

    so anybody think they might know whats the dealio?

    please reply asap i really want things back to normal :/

    thanks ^^
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    Default Re: problems with viewing videos on computer

    Try reinstalling the player. If that doesn't work, remove the player and try again to reinstall. One of these two steps should get the player back in track. You can also try to install a CODEC pack to address incompatabilities with the file, but I'm guessing the player is the issue from when you tried to do your housecleaning.
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    Default Re: problems with viewing videos on computer

    if you're referring to the player as any program used to run video, it happens on ALL of the players (being something like windows media player, divx, quick time, any video player online, etc.

    all of these have the same problem :/

    if you aren't, then maybe you could specify what u mean by 'player'?

    idk im a comp nub lol

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    Default Re: problems with viewing videos on computer

    Well were you having this problem before u uninstalled the program. Also have u tried any other videos. Ive never ran into that type of problem worst comes to worst you can restore it to a earlier date. so you can get back what ever you erased.

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    Default Re: problems with viewing videos on computer

    the thing is, idk WHAT i uninstalled/if it had been installed in the first place. ive tried MANY videos on many different programs, and i actually did restore to the purchase default. same problem.

    Update: doesnt happen when playing from dvd r/w only from system
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    Default Re: problems with viewing videos on computer

    Can you change memory settings in the BIOS at all? 4GB needs some changes that Auto generally does not set properly

    Do you have the latest Chipset package installed?

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    Default Re: problems with viewing videos on computer

    Start in Safe mode and run a video - if there's a noticable improvement in stablity. Then you're running far too much in the background. There are many good boot tweakers on the market, also closed down things like Quick Launch toolbar will help.
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