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Thread: Computer will not turn on.

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    Default Computer will not turn on.

    I'm actually fixing this for a friend, and don't know too much of the history.
    The scenario: the computer has been on for several months, and was never turned off. The owner's son turned the computer off two nights ago, and yesterday morning, the computer would not power back on. The power button causes nothing to happen--no lights, no fans, no sound at all. I've looked into and cleaned the computer out (the dust was pretty bad). The only indicator I have at all is the light on the back of the PSU, which lights up when the computer is plugged in (and stays lit for about 5 minutes after being unplugged). Having checked all the connections (which are sound), everything is plugged in where it's supposed to be. I've also cleared the CMOS, but nothing has changed. I don't want to aimlessly throw parts at this thing, but I'm not sure where to start. PSU? Ram? Mobo? These are my best guesses, but it's only because I've had to replace so many.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Computer will not turn on.

    Clear the Cmos - disconnect everything excluding CPU / Minimum Memory required to boot the system. as soon as you can set Bios to 'safe/default'
    If it still fails to startup try remove the memory, reboot and still nothing try another powersupply, still nothing have the CPU/MBoard tested.
    If starts refit the graphic card and monitor, retest then add the HD, retest then add the DVDCD players, retest then add the remaining memory, then add the anything else. tweek the bios settings when you think the problem has been solved.

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