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Thread: Real strange graphic error, whats wrong?

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    Default Real strange graphic error, whats wrong?


    I've been posting on several swedish forum but without any luck, my problem remains.

    I ordered a whole new computer in parts for about 2 months ago and put it together. Since then I've randomly getting these kinds of graphical errors in Warcraft III FT:

    ImageShack - Hosting :: wc3texturjm2.jpg

    ImageShack - Hosting :: wc3scrnshot110408162232vi3.jpg

    ImageShack - Hosting :: wc3scrnshot110408162224ms7.jpg

    Sometimes I get them 6 times a day, sometimes I go a whole day without getting them. To fix it, I need to "tab out" of the game. The first time, it takes 20 sek (in and out). After that, without gettin an error again, if i tab it takes approx. 80 seconds (in and out). During the tab I have a black screen where everything freezes, I got no sound during it.

    To get rid of it I need to reboot.

    I have tried 3 different drivers for my gfx. I have also tried a seconds gfx (8600GT). Problem remains.

    Memtest86+ shows error on my memory sticks, yes i've tried them one in a time and in different slots. But I found someone with the exakt same problem, he had errors too, changed his RAM, and the errors remained.

    My speccs are:

    | C2D E8400 @ 3.0 Ghz
    | Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3
    | Gigabyte 9800GT
    | 2x1 GB A-DATA GAMING PC6400 800mhz 5-5-5-5-12 1,9V
    | 160 GB Samsung + 320 GB Hitachi
    | Antec Sonata III

    Windows XP

    I could really use the help!

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    Default Re: Real strange graphic error, whats wrong?

    I don't think that memory would cause the texture tearing you are getting, but if you are receiving arrors under MemTest, you need to address the issue.

    As to the texture problems, it is possible that your card is overheating. You can get any number of free utilities that allow you to tweak your board, so most of them will also let you double check the core and memory speeds. Make sure they are set to factory default speeds. If they are, check to make sure your fan is spinning. It also doesn't hurt to use a high quality thermal interface material on teh video card.
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    Default Re: Real strange graphic error, whats wrong?

    I've check the core and memory speeds. They are on default. Since I got the card I changed the fan to a zalman vf700-cu using artic silver 5. They problem was there before and after the change. I got 38 in idle/52 in load. We're talking celsius then. Is there a possibility that my memory simply dont work as it should with my motherboard? Thats why I'm getting the errors?

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