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Thread: Graphics Corruption...

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    Hello, here are the specs:

    GeForce4 Ti4600 (Gainward 750/XP Golden Sample)
    Gigabyte 7V-RXP Motherboard
    512 MB Corsair PC2700 (CAS2) Memory
    Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer Sound Card
    60GB ATA-133 Maxtor D740X HDD
    Samsung 32-10-40 CD-RW
    AMD XP Athlon 2100+
    Braided Silver ATA-133 cables
    Enermax Power Supply
    Lian-Li-60 Modified Case

    The problem:

    After assembling everything together and turning the computer on, it came up fine. After about three seconds, the screen goes corrupt. Junk characters, lines, blinking boxes, etc.

    I restarted and everything came up fine. I installed Win XP Home and that went smoothly. I restarted the computer and again I got the junk characters on the screen. I restarted a couple of more times with the same results.

    Restarted again and everything came up fine for the last time.

    Now whenever I restart / cold boot, the screen always come up corrupted. Everything is corrupt, from the initial screen displaying BIOS information to the Win XP boot screen.

    What could be causing this? A bad video card?

    All parts are brand new.


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    Could be a bad card, but check if it's plugged in properly. No gold pins must show and motherboard mustn't "earth" with the case (disconnect from casing if neccesary).:hammer: Try using a spare card to check if motherboard is faulty or earthing. If nothing else, you know it's a faulty card.

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    I would use a spare card also...try to do a process of elimination. What i do when i make a new rig is install all the basics to start up. Then i add my sound card etc... Like that i know when i install something and something goes wrong i is that get me?...: peace2:
    - Damien

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    Also are those braided IDE cables plastic coated or not? If not be sure they ain't touching other components and causing shorts. :smokin:

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    Hey guys, thanks for your help.

    The problem turned out to be that damn hoop that sticks out of the mobo! It was touching the case.

    I had to unscrew the entire board (which meant taking all of the cards) and then bent the hoop back so it wouldn't touch the case anymore.

    The computer is working like a champ!

    If you want to know what the "hoop" is, just search for my username "nraval" in the search field and you'll see my other post with a picture of the hoop that I took.


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