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Thread: Gaming issue ?

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    Question Gaming issue ?

    Ive researched all kinds of places tring to see if any1 elses is having or had this issue and i cnt find any1 w/this exactly. Ive run all kinds of test for stability and dont find any problems from any of the programs out there and pass with good benchmarks from 3d03/06 , prime, and others.
    What my game does is, while playing Americas Army, its like hitting a pause button and releasing it. It does it every so many seconds or mins. It also will do it if something blows up next to me or mabe in the distance ill notice the pause. Its just for a quick second that it does it, but its consant. Might run fine for 5 mins or so, but it reacurres everytime i play. I try to to think its lag?

    Im running @ 3.6 with these settings

    except for upping my memory to 2.1 ... Specs are in my sig...
    Gigabyte EP45-UD3R (F7 BIOS)
    Intel Pentium E8400 E0
    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
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    EVGA 260 GTX

    2x74 Raptors RAID0
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    Tsunami Dream Tower
    CL X-FI Extreme Gamer S/C
    Samsung SyncMaster 940BF

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    Default Re: Gaming issue ?

    Could be internet lag or it could be something that starts to run in the back ground of your OS every time you get the lag. I'd defrag, run a good spyware removal program, update drivers, check to see whats running in the in the background of your O.S., uninstall any programs that look suspicious. If your running Windows disable your startup up progams in MSConfig and go from there.

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    Default Re: Gaming issue ?

    I'm not familiar with that game but I'd be inclined to say its lag. If you game has options for increasing performance, I'd look to see what your settings are. For instance, my game has options for far clip plane, particles, and lots of other options.
    Try lowering your settings for optimal performance, to see if that helps.

    Also programs like an anti virus program or any other program that does background tasks could also be a factor. You might want to minimize what programs you have running while you are playing your game.
    I turn off all programs when I run mine for optimal game performance.

    Also, just curious but when your game spikes, do you have idea what the MS and/or FPS is when it does it? I'm curious

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    Default Re: Gaming issue ?

    Those memory timings look tight to me. Loosen them up a bit and see what happens. Even if it's the rated timings, play with the memory settings and see if it helps. Is this the ONLY game that does this? Try to find others who play the same game and ask them.
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    Default Re: Gaming issue ?

    JerBear is right it sounds like games freezing up due to memory timings. You may want to be lossen them up a little. Just a simple tweek here can make a difference.
    5-5-5-18-and 23trc
    Here is a great tutorial by Lsdmeasap on timings.---------->
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