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Thread: wierd ram or mobo problem...need urgent help

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    Default wierd ram or mobo problem...need urgent help

    Hi guys,

    i assembled a comp for my friend.
    Phenom II x3 720BE
    Gigabyte MA78GM-US2H
    Corsair XMS2 6400CL5D - 2x2 gb
    Corsair VX450W
    Palit GTS 250

    The pc didnot boot initially. It was giving continuous long beeps. The manual said it was a memory error. I removed one stick and the pc booted fine. Then i removed that stick and inserted the other on thinking that it was defective. But the pc booted fine. I inserted both of them, I get continous long beeps and the comp wont boot.

    This mobo has 4 ram slots. Slot 1 and 3 are channel 0, Slot 2 and 4 are channel 1. I tried both the combinations. Slot 1 and 2,,,,,and Slot 3 and 4. But pc wont boot. Is this a motherboard problem????

    i bought the mobo from one dealer and the ram from other dealer. So I dont know where to go. I am sure both will put the blame on the other. Is there anything that i can do to solve this...plz help.

    When i am on just 1 ram stick, bios shows ram running at 1.9V which is fine.

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    Default Re: wierd ram or mobo problem...need urgent help

    You need to add some NB Voltage and possibly increase your tRFC with one stick in then save and put in the other stick.

    Can you provide a link to your ram or the model #?

    If your ram is 1.9V rated set that manually, if it is more set the amount it should be while also setting the above then save and apply and reboot or shut it down and put in the second stick.

    You want to use the first two slots for dual channel

    Aside from that are you SURE that PSU is strong enough for your GFX Card? I see it requires 450W, but that is all you have so your GFX Card + the rest of your system may be putting a strain on the 12V rail. Do you know the amount of amps it requires on the 12V rail?

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    Default Re: wierd ram or mobo problem...need urgent help

    If your voltage or power supply ect turn out not to be the problem as the person above referred, it is possible you have a bad memory controller on the ma inboard. This means you better find out whats wrong before your warranty or sales slip return expires on the board.

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