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Thread: Multiple comp issues, need help

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    Question Multiple comp issues, need help

    System specs:
    1.7 gig Intel Celeron processor
    1gig of ram
    Win Xp Pro SP3
    256 Vid Card
    30gig Prim hd
    160gig Slave hd
    ECS P4VXASD2+ ATX VIA P4 Motherboard

    Symptoms are as follows:
    1) Freezing..... Random freeze ups, mostly happens within 1 or 2 minutes upon entering game. Has happened, rarely, at desktop with no games running at weird random moments.
    2) Random restarts. Was restarting when I tried to defrag until I disabled auto restart. Then I defragged but instead of getting any errors, just got a message saying some files can't be defragged.
    3) Won't update windows (and this is a legit OS, and never had any issues updating and installing before)
    4) Won't let me perform any system restore. I've tried 5 different restore pts to no avail.
    5) When I disabled auto restart, the next random restart / BOSD stated a bad_pool_header, which I know can be caused by a multitude of issues.

    Solutions and/or things I've tried to do or have done...
    1) Did a thorough virus scan with no viruses detected apart from tracking cookies which Norton took care of.
    2) Went into Msconfig and disabled indexing, and also disabled multiple software from booting up upon restart and/or booting up.
    3) Tried to do a system restore to no avail. Won't let me restore to an earlier time.
    4) Checked Comp temp. CPU fan, video card, all of it is fine. Nothing is even hot to touch, with the exception of vid card. But even then, not so hot that it burns or anything. *I know this cause I keep my case open*
    5) Also checked CPU usage, but its fine, so I don't believe it is memory leakage or anything like that.

    I've done tons of research but I can't seem to narrow it down to a software or hardware problem. There have been NO hardware changes to my computer in over 4 months, and this problem has just arisen over the last 2 weeks, maybe less.
    Incidentally, the only software changes made was about 3 weeks ago when I installed Kodak Easyshare. Because of that, I stopped it from being loaded up at start up. I don't want to have to uninstall it if possible. If its not running, could it still cause an issue?
    Also about 4 months ago, I did a full reformat. I updated my video and sound drivers, but thats it. Umm... I don't have the cd's for any of my components cause this computer is 10 years old, give or take. Forgive my ignorance, but are there any other drivers I need to update and install? I'm gonna shoot myself if I missed something easy. lol

    I'm really tired, and can't think of anything else. If you guys have any advice or suggestions, I would appreciate it. I'm at my wits end on what to do. As it stands right now, I am unable to play my game. One might think it is the game only, maybe a corrupt file or folder, but the freezing has happened when the game wasn't running, altho rare, like 2.. maybe 3 times. So any advice or suggestion would be most appreciated. If you need more info, please ask, and I will do my best to answer. thank you all.
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    Default Re: Multiple comp issues, need help

    Here's an update thats funny lol

    So.. thought it was the primary HD, so unplugged and switched to slave to format = still froze. Then I switched vid cards, as I still had a 128 that still worked, and it still froze. So then, after several attempts to pull my hair out haha, I went and took my flashlight and started poking around inside the case (not literally).
    And I ask myself this question.... why does the processor fan look lopsided? LOL

    So I am sure you can guess after that. Needless to say, the fan broke off on one side, and wasn't completely adhered to the processor. Therefore, bam, tons of issues.
    Still wasn't entirely convinced it was just the processors fault only.

    Anyway, so I went to Frys with the intention of ONLY getting a new fan, and came out with so much more. lol Thats usually the way it goes tho, am I right?

    Also, This will be my VERY first time putting together a computer, and doing everything myself. I've been having anxiety attacks bad for the last couple of days. And I am just about to turn her on, so I pray everything works out ok. Wish me luck!

    ps. In case your wondering, this is my sister's comp I am using in the meantime.

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    Default Re: Multiple comp issues, need help

    I had the same problem with a socket 478 once. When cleaning the dust out of the components I decided to remove and clean the dust out of the cpu fan and heatsink. I removed it and cleaned it all up. I even used rubbing alcohol and cleaned all that thermal paste off the heatsink and cpu. I applied Actic silver 5 and went to install it back but broke one of the clips on the retainer. Then I had to remove the entire board and slide all the drives forward to get room for r&r and replace the retainer. I got it going again, but then wished I just upgraded it all.
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    2) 80x80 front fans (1) 120x120 rear fan and small nb fan
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