Hi guys,

Intel C2D E6600
Gigabyte EP45-DS4P
G.Skill 2GB 800mhz/Corsair 2GB 800mhz
ATI 4870
Seasonic S12+ 650W PSU
Windows XP SP2

I've been having problems with my G.Skill ram after one day the PC couldn't even POST with the ram in. Changed to a pair of Corsairs and the PC managed to POST and boot, however the PC would lock up with a blue screen when playing games.

After having RMA'd the G.Skill RAM, I'd be able to play games perfectly fine for a week or two only for the PC to not be able to POST.

I'm up to my third pair of G.Skills, and am using the Corsairs at the moment, I have OCZ Reaper sticks incoming but I am also wondering if I should get another PSU.