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Thread: Computer Crashing while gaming....

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    Default Computer Crashing while gaming....

    *Waves to the Tweaktown Forum***

    Hi all-

    Ok so Im sure you have all read these types of posts before but I am exhausted and tired of trying to figure out this problem on my own now as I have been at it for 2 solid weeks straight with no solutions.

    My computer is crashing ONLY while playing games. I can surf the internet/watch videos/anything but gaming. It is crashing while I play every game except one. I have...Americas Army...World in Conflict...Battlefield 2...Combat Arms...Command & Conquer Renegade. The ONLY game that will not freeze on my computer is from 1999 and is Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun.

    As I mentioned Ive been working on this for 2 weeks. I have read probably 90% of the internets threads on computer gaming issues. I have tried all solutions to diagnosing the problem which has not fixed the problem.

    I have uinstalled and updated all drivers on my computer - numerous times.

    I have reformatted my computer and fresh installed XP SP2 with all updated drivers from hardware manufacturers.

    I have monitored and check all hardware temperatures.
    - The temps were fine but I cleaned out all the dust and even applied fresh thermal paste to CPU, video card cpu/memory , and cleaned out all my fans.
    -My temperatures run very low to be honest.
    -CPU doesnt go above 60C when loaded in game
    -VGA doesnt exceed 50C when loaded in game

    I installed a new harddrive (500gb) thinking my old one which was a 40gb hard drive and 10 years old might be bad but the problem still pursists.

    I tried running games with sound turned off - still games freeze.
    I tried running games with onboard soud - game freezes
    I tried running game with my sound card/drivers uninstalled - game freezes

    I dont know what else to try as I feel I have tried everything.

    If anyone has any ideas that would that would be great.

    Thank You

    P.S. I have an Ultra 500 Watt power supply which is brand new.

    P.S.S. I have just installed and turned on CPUID Hardware Monitor. It has temperature listings for 3 different TMPIN's under "Temperatures".
    TMPIN0 , TMPIN1, and TMPIN2.

    TMPIN1 is running at 107 C/ 222F. This obviously is way too high. What is this value does anyone know?

    Everything else in the hardware monitor is find by temperature.

    My CPU temps are below 34C for both cpus.

    My 9600 gt temps are below 37C.

    My hard drive temp is below 32C.

    It is reporting that my +12v Voltage is at 6.95V. Is that bad?

    Attached is the image of this hardware monitor.
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    Default Re: Computer Crashing while gaming....

    Here is my computer specs for this computer:

    See attachment.

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    Default Re: Computer Crashing while gaming....

    What error codes are you getting with these crashes?

    But it sounds likely that the PSU isn't keeping the video card supplied with enough power.

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    Default Re: Computer Crashing while gaming....

    What happens when you put the old power supply in ?

    That high temp you mentioned.... could be a sensor failure..??

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