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Thread: Laserjet Spits out pages when pc gets turned on.

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    I have a laserjet 6l hooked upto a p4 1.ghz 256 sdram with an iwill motherboard. Everytime i turn the computer off at night and turn it on in the morning it spits 2 or more pages with junk characters on about the first 2 lines.

    If anyone have got a idea how to fix it i would love to know.


    Leigh Van Den Berghe:cry:

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    Is there some way you can reset the printer? Maybe it still has an old print job in its memory??? Just an idea
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    I have a similar problem. Does it spit out the paper before windows or during post? My printer will spit out one sheet of paper whenever I reboot or turn on my computer in post. I have an inkjet printer though (HP Deskjet 840c) I was told that to fix the problem you can put the printer on USB, was that already done?

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    Hey I dunno what happend with your problem but the other day I took my printer off parellel and onto USB and it fixed the problem. I can now keep my printer on 24/7 like I wanted to.

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    yeah the printer doesnt do usb so i put a new parallel cable on it and seems to be going ok so far. touch wood.

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    Haven't had that problem since switching to all usb printers. I had an old HP that drove me nuts with that.

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    yep its annoying for sure ;)

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    This problem is a known problem with hp printers.
    Look for a file named DRVWPPQT.VXD in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS. Try renaming it to something else (such as with a VXX extension.) Reboot and see if the printer still has the problem. This driver is often used by backup software to find parallel port tape backup units. Once the device is detected, it's not needed for normal use. If you 'lose' your parallel port device, you can temporarily rename it back to let it find it.
    The driver may also come with other software for parallel port devices, such as scanners or removable drives like the ZIP.
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    hehe thanx again if it does it again ill try taking out that file

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    well I dont' really understand aren't drivers usually loaded with windows? This problem came about when I was initially booting up. As in post.

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