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Thread: Pc wont startup until second boot

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    Here's basically wat happens... I come home from work and turn the computer on and the monitor doesnt come on usb mouse doesnt light up and no hdd activity.

    Then i hold the power button in and switch it off then turn it on again straight away and it boots normally without any hassles.

    specs are.
    AMD xp1800+
    epox 8kha
    256 DDR 2100
    40gig seagate 7,200
    geforce4 ti4400 leadtek

    any help would be great because its about time i sold it and and made another one but i can sell it like this..

    thanx leigh

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    Are you certain that it was actually off or do you turn your monitor off before windows has completely shut down and possibly it has hung on shut down?

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    Tried a new CMOS - could cause a POST problem?
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    nope the system is definatly shut right off no fans are running no power light on the front of the machine sometimes i dont turn the monitor off when i shut the pc down for the night. Its just not starting up the first time i turn it on....the second time i start it up it goes fine......

    i always leave the monitor on until the pc has shut itself off properly..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. C
    Tried a new CMOS - could cause a POST problem?

    ive given the bios an update to the latest.. Didnt help it unfortunately..

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    I have had a few machines do this, it was caused by the power supply, when i replaced it the problem went away.
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    righto ill take one home from work and give that a shot in it..

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    i've had the same prob - yeah birdman - the PSU, i found that some was moreso a higher-rated PSU was needed rather than just a new one, (we are talking going from a140W PSU to a 300W) :D

    so thats just another possibility

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    im running a 350watt one at the moment ill give another one a shot tho..

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