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Thread: Random Reboots

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    Default Random Reboots

    Okay at first I thought that maybe this was something usual, I have had this rig for over four years now and running everyday for four years was pretty much maybe the beginning warning sign that my computer was going out but after the third time this happened I noticed something in ASUS PC Probe II

    My CPU us running at 32c IDLE and and 100% load it still doesn't get higher than 51c and I really have to put some effort into getting it that hot. However my motherboard has become some concern to me, at IDLE is it 41c and under full load it goes as high as 49c to 53c. Now I'm not sure but what I've read that this is normal and I shouldn't worry but if it is so normal why does my computer randomly decided to shut off the display and I have to reboot the computer to get it back up.

    So far I have ran tests on the memory for 24 hours and no errors. Memtest 86 its a quality program I trust. I'm trying to determine if its my mainboard, as far as video card is concerned I have yet to find a program that will test that. (Its an ATI Raedon HD 4800 Series)

    Any ideas, i've been at this for a couple of days now and I'm all set to buy new parts from newegg, actually who new PC, but I don't want to spend money I don't have.
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    Default Re: Random Reboots

    I guess the easiest way for you to test if it's vid card is to change it, and see if problem persists. If it's still the same, then it may be other components.

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