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Thread: hard drive too close to case speaker?

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    I have been shopping around for a case for my new system and have noticed a disturbing trend in the design: those hard drive cages are often VERY close to the case speaker. If you haven't thought about it, remember that speakers have a pretty strong MAGNET on the back of them!

    Even the Lian-Li cases are doing this. I haven't measured the clearances, but is some situations, I am sure that the drive would be placed within a half inch or less of that magnet. I find myself bothered by this. Maybe the magnetic field could actually alter the program stored in one of the drive controller chips. And certainly, the disk itself uses magnetism to read and store data. Think what happens when you get a video or audio tape too close to a magnet.

    Am I being paranoid? I think maybe the first thing I would do with a new case like that is relocate the speaker.

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    Don't worry about it as the magnets in the drives themselves are stronger. ;)

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    It's not a new trend. Case makers have been doing that for years. Many had the speakers mounted right on the bottom of the hard drive cage.

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