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Thread: PC killing mobos

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    ok three mobos fell vctim to this system so far :D

    iwill vd133, Iwill VD133PL, and also another Gigabyte board

    the system is housed in a OEM desktop case,
    P!!! - 600EB
    128Mb PC133 SDRAM
    S3 Trio 3D2X (AGP)
    Intel 10/100 NIC
    Seagate 3Gb HDD
    Sony FDD

    okay now the first system as is ran fine for 18 months, then one day it just decided to crash (that is, the system stayed on but the screen turned off, like the pc had turned off but it hadnt) from then powering the system on reaped only a nice power-filled system include PLED and ALED lighting up, HDD wouldnt spin up, just sits there fans spinning, lights being lit up...

    wierd, so we first figure the PSU was giving the ****s, replaced that, system turned on, yay, long enough to get into the bios, navigate to load defaults, then it turned off like before.

    hrmm, sounds like somethings overheating?

    anyway in testing we have removed all devices from the system leaving only the PSU, RAM, CPU, and video connected. the mobos are literally left dead as switching the mobos to a new case, with a new CPU and ram and PSU makes no difference, however each component in testing seems to have passed on its own, my main theory is Video card at the moment, just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or previous experiences with this sort of a problem.

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    Did it kill the other mobos instantly or did they run for awhile? If they died instantly, something has a short in it, so it could be the video card. (I ran into a modem once with a short. Tried it in 3 differnt machines. None would boot with the card in a slot. Take it out, and they would run.) I suppose that if a vid card shorted out, it might draw enough power to kill a mobo. If they ran for a while, I would suspect power spikes. Is the machine protected, plugged into a grounded outlet?

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    well we gave up and bst the pc down for parts, tossed the case, all parts have gone into new systems all running fine, it wasnt a short, that system just after a while died, it ,must have been either the psu or case or somefin around there. not a power spike issue because there are 90 other PCs running here, i fails to see how 1 would suffer such a problem...

    anyhoo inadvertantly problem solved :D

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