Hey guys,

my computer was running at a high Cpu temperature so i decided to remove my heatsink and apply thermal paste.. however in the process some thermal paste got on teh side of my chip so i removed it from the socket and cleaned it off..

however when i connected eveyrthing back together, my computer would not start.. it would say

a new cpu has been installed!

then when i said continue..
it said

so with some expert advice
i reset the CMOS via battery removal
and now it says when i turn on my computer
OVerclocking failed
F1 to enter setup
F2 to load and continue

When i choose f1 and enter bios , and i press f5 to load default values, then save and continue.. my computer shutdowns by itself instantly, like its losing power, then after a few seconds it starts up by itself again but freezes at post bios screen

If f2
it says " Disk Read Error "

Thanks in advance guys!