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Thread: 775VM800 - Randomly crashes and Blue screens when I add a DIMM on the 2nd RAM slot

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    Default 775VM800 - Randomly crashes and Blue screens when I add a DIMM on the 2nd RAM slot

    Hi all guys

    I am facing the issue to face randomly crashes and blue screens when I am adding a second RAM DIMM for a dual channel function on my 775VM800 mainboard!!!

    I have checked the memory DIMMs with various memory check utilities but it does not shows any problem with it...

    The RAM DIMMS are Kingston 1GB @ 400 MHz but I have tried with Trancent brand's RAM too... I had the same problem...

    I have heard that there is incompatibility issue with some brands of RAM... is it true???

    Can someone help me to resolve this problem???

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    Default Re: 775VM800 - Randomly crashes and Blue screens when I add a DIMM on the 2nd RAM slot

    Are you using the latest BIOS for the board? If not, update to the latest BIOS using one stick and then enter the BIOS and load optimized defaults or whatever your BIOS calls that, then save and reboot back to the BIOS and set your SATA settings again for windows, then save/apply and boot to windows, then shut down and try with two sticks again.

    Then, does your BIOS offer a northbridge voltage or anything like that? If so, increase that a notch or two and see if it helps, you may need to do that with the single stick installed, before shutting down to try it with two sticks.

    And of course be sure you are setting the memory voltage to the amount specified per the kits you are trying. Yes, it's possible for memory to be incompatible, even two different kits, that is why they make QVL lists. It doesn't happen all that often though, but if you continue to have issues it would probably be best to pick a set from that boards QVL list, or contact them for an updated version of this list if you can't find any kits mentioned on it.

    I guess there is no QVL for that board on their site, it says refer to manual so there may be guaranteed comaptible models listed in the manual
    ASRock > Products > 775VM800 > Manual

    And BIOS downloads are here
    ASRock > Products > Motherboard > 775VM800 > Download

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