I am new User to this forum and new user to the gigabyte motherboard too!
I have two quetions/problems, hope i will get help here,

1- When ever i launch cpu-z, Easy tune 6 ,Touch Bios or Smart from gigabyte. My computer just freeze. I am downloading these softwares from my motherboard homepage (except cpu-z), i think these are not compatible with windows 8, since it used to work on windows 7. What could be possible reason? and is there any workaround?

2- There are no fsb Changing option in Gigabyte bios. Although F6 version of bios mention 6% change in FSB is allowed. But it would not show option in Bios. Now i tried latest Bios (i.e F10) but still no option.
Can someone mod this bios for me to add option for FSB changing?
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1155 - GA-H61M-D2-B3 (rev. 1.0)

My system specs are follows:

i3 2100 @3.1Ghz
2x4Gb kingston
Gigabyte h61M D2 B3
500Gb Harddisk
Sapphire 5750 1Gb
Windows 8 CP