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Thread: Screen signal being lost/occassional black screen

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    Default Screen signal being lost/occassional black screen

    Hi all,

    I've recently built a new machine with a Sapphire HD7850 OC and I'm getting occassional drop outs with the display. The monitor has been tested and is fine, and this occurs on both dual screen and single screen setups - but only on the DVI monitor from the HDMI port.
    All that happens is the screen goes black(like an out of range error) and then comes back again, both in games and on the desktop. I did upgrade the bios for this and other reasons and I don't recall it doing this on F14 but as it's so inconsistant I can't be sure and the F14 bios seems to corrupt my setup so I can't access it so isn't really a viable solution at this time.
    I've tried changing the XML profile to change the 2D idle clock speeds as I read about this causing it somewhere but it hasn't helped. I've also re-installed the drivers, but maybe I should try an older set to see if that helps.
    I guess it could be a bad port on the card, but I wondered if anyone had any ideas or had experienced this?

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    Default Re: Screen signal being lost/occassional black screen

    Is the monitor resolution and refresh rate set to their native ones? May cause the problem.

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    Default Re: Screen signal being lost/occassional black screen

    0. Check setting in monitor OSD menu.
    1. You could try changing out the cable.
    2. If you're using a DVI-HDMI adaptor dongle; you might have inconsistent earthing.
    3. If you're not using an adaptor dongle, but are using a dvi-hdmi cable, then using a dvi-dvi cable with an adaptor might work better... it did for me and solved "fuzzy pixels" on a Samsung LED.
    4. Try using a fully earthed 3 pin power cable for your screen.

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