dear group
sorry for my smal english.
i have buy the asrock fatality z77 prof mainboard and some components.
Last nIGHT I have all parts drawn in the assembled condition
I have installed windows 7 ultimate 64 , and the system works.
But i only can work with the keyboard. This is not an good working.
i have installed the standard keybaord at the PS/2 connector
and my Mouse (DELL USB2) at backside mainboard to an USB2 Connector.

The USB Controller are all ENABLED.
My mouse isnt working. Now motion ist registretd from system.
In hardware group i can not see the mouse.
The mouse ist runnig on a other PC.

Please give me a tipp what i should do , to become a working Mouse.
I think ist only a little work, but i find not a answer about my question.
thanks for a tipp