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Thread: WOH!! A super hidden directory!

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    under /drive:/System Volume Information/

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    system volume information. Never gonna find it in there. If I disable the system restore it'll delete it all anyway....

    Ok bigjackusa I downloaded this utility and I'll try it out later I guess. I'll keep yuh updated with teh results.

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    ok heres a small update I guess...the files could still not be found its like there gone just still taking up space. I'm just making a small guess but I'm figuring if he goes ahead and reinstalls the games they might overwrite there original hidden files? So if that were the case he'd be able to use his games again and all will be good. HOWEVER if he reinstalls the games and it takes up EXTRA space that would mean he has double copies of each game and only one copy is actually usable. In that case I don't know what to do. Other then the extreme side but I guess one of the last solutions is to format? :?:

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    well, that or you can probably wait it out (if it IS system restore, after a couple of weeks or so the smace will probably be free) one thing i've noticed about system restore thou, it usually compresses the information, so it might not be your problem at all

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    have you tried a scandisk in case its a filesystem fault?
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    nope didn't think it would actually do anything. I'll do that I guess. Not sure if it'll actually work even if it does detect errors but I'll give it a go.

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    yeah run chkdisk, i think if u have tweakui or xteq theres an option to make the os run chkdisk on next boot...

    it sound more like the drive is misreporting free space, this is usually fixed by scandisk/chkdisk

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    chkdsk didn't fix anything although I will try scandisk.

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    If standard chkdsk doesn't work, perhaps try chkdsk /r, it seems to fix some things that chkdsk usually cannot. (IE 0x000000E stop errors etc)
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    In DOS:

    Format c: /q

    That'll free up allllll the space you need :D

    Seriously though, that's pretty jacked up. Maybe you could do a system search and specify all files larger than, say 500MB. If there's a single file that big it'll point to its location. I've had instances where MS decided it needed to stick a 1.5GB junk file in 'C:\wherever' that it didnt feel like telling me about.
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