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Thread: Costly incident...

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    The other night while I was watching television, I heard my computer in the other room rebooting. I didn`t think too much of it at the time but got up to check it out...scandisk had already started and was about one quarter of the way through when the system shutdown again. 10 seconds later as I stood there trying to figure out what happened, it started up again! this time the drawer on my cd burner opened up half way accompanied by the sound of snapping and popping coming from the power supply. I quickly unplugged it and ran for the fire extingiusher. no fire but by the end of inspection I had lost an AMD 900 duron, an Asus A7V mobo, sony cd rewriter, a sounblaster live!,the power supply, and a keyboard!! what would cause so much damage, yet spare the hard drives and ram??

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    how does your keyboard screw up? lol hmm, probably a transistor in your psu shorted or something o_O, ouch..

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    Yep... either something gave way in the mainboard or you picked up one helluva voltage spike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthtanion
    ...or you picked up one helluva voltage spike.
    If the voltage spike is the case, you should look into Profesor X's school for "gifted" people, maybe you did it on accident. :thumb:

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