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Thread: test USB?

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    i have a thermaltake 5000A case:

    the question i have to ask is you'll notice in the image below that it has 2 usb ports and a firewire port.

    what my question is, the cables from the usb ports werent long enough to reach teh mobo, so they had to be rewired and made longer. now thats all done and its all plugged in, the problem i have is im not certain if its all been plugged into the correct sockets seemign each wire had to be done individualy, and i've been told that the only way i will know if it works poperly or not is to test somethign usb, and if it doesnt fry, well its all plugged in correctly. personaly i'd rather not do that, so is there any type of testing i can do so it doesnt to make sure its all working in order and wont fry any of my usb things?

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    i usually test usb ports with a plain old MS usb mouse. i'v never had one fry if the usb aint connected right.
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