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Thread: CD-ROM Drive being Stupid

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    My CD-ROM Drive is acting weird. When i hit the eject button, it makes the noise how it pops out but then it doesnt. It kind of gets stuck. After a couple of seconds it then comes out like it is un-sticking itself. It is a little dusty. Here are my questions:

    1. How can i fix this problem? (this is the best i can describe it)
    2. Will it affect any CDs i put in it?

    Please Help!!!

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    You are obviously having a mechanical issue with the drive.

    If the drive reads cd's correctly then you can use it without damaging your cd's this i'm quite sure of.

    But really, consider to replace it with a new one. Cd-rom drives are very cheap and the problems you are having is probably only going to get worse with time...

    A 52 or 56x cdrom is about 25 us$.


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    It could simply be time for a good cleaning.
    True, a new drive is inexpensive - if you have the cash.

    If you do, go ahead and get a new drive, remove the old one and give it a thorough cleaning - then you'll have a good spare at hand for future calamities.

    It took me a while to track this down, but have a look at article #3 on this page;

    Is that a hoot or what?
    I'd give it a whirl if I had an automatic dishwasher -- on a couple of old drives that have nothing left to lose anyway:laugh:

    I've been a subscriber to that newsletter for some time - the guy is straight-up. No BS.
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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