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Thread: New AGP Spec? did I miss it?

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    Just got a new Iwill board in a box at work today and noticed that the AGP slot was effectivley "backwards" - the notched end was on the opposite end of the AGP slot...

    I had a look in the manual and it says AGP 1.5V ONLY, when it describes the AGP slot...

    anyone know if its just a protection for old ****ty AGP cards, or if its an actual new revision on the AGP slot... (mobo is a iwill-mP4S, bloody p4 crap)

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    saw a similar thing on an Epox board (I think it was...) It had the standard AGP slot, and had a little bit extra at the front that had a plastic tab sitting in there, which was removable.. Can't quite remember, but it said something to do with AGP Pro? don't quote me on that one. I thought it was strange, as the GF2MX i was putting in there left that bit at the front empty...

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    That has been part of the P4 spec for motherboards since there release as using an out of spec vid card will destroy the motherboard and maybe the CPU as well. :smokin:
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    The Intel D845WN reference board I have here has the notch, only AGP 4x cards with 1.5V signalling can be used lest you fry the board :eek:
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    i thought as much, thanks guyz, was just checking, thought i'd miss something major

    anywayz, i was swapping a workstation's TNT32 Mb card with my SiS 8Mb one in my workstation (at work ;) ) and had to put a PCI card in its place as i had no 1.5V cards (well at the time, i had no "backwards" cards :P )

    thats cool though, better they stop me from frying the board than letting me find out after i killed it :D

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    agp pro.
    mmmmm voltage.:devil win

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