Hi all. I recently built my computer and it occasionally crashes when
I go online and frequently during the start up of Jedi II Outkast (if
I let the computer sit around for a couple of minutes before starting
Jedi, it doesn't crash). Symptoms are always the same - the screen
gets very blocky (imagine the resolution shooting above 640x480 and
colors getting distorted). I have control of the keyboard and mouse
for a few seconds and then I lose it. Resetting doesn't bring it back
right. A full power down is necessary to return it to normal.
This is the third computer that I built and never had a problem like
this. I ran the Sandra benchmarks burn-in and didn't have a problem.
During the Jedi Knight, I add about 30 or so bots to stress the
graphics card and it never had a problem handling it (other than a
slow down, no crashes).

Specs are:
Windows 2000 Pro (SP3)
AMD 2200
Kingston PC2100 384 MB
MSI KT3 Ultra2
Gainward TI4200 64 MB
Antec TruePower 340Watts
1 60GB Seagate HD
1 DVD/CD Rom

No mods except for removing power from the fan for the TI4200's gpu.
Used a much quieter Zalman blowing perpendicular to it. The problem
occurs before I did the mod. The only thing I can think of is that
the power supply doesn't have enough power. I calculated how much
power I need and 340 watts seemed more than enough. Plus I thought
that a power supply with a good name (and reviews :) ) behind it would
offset any additional problems. The power doesn't fluctuate too much
either according to the PC Alert III. Can anyone think of anything else? Or
is it really the power supply and I would need to buy another one?
Thanks for any help!