Hehehh, that's what I did when my first KT333 motherboard conked out because of my cheap PSU, my first KT400 motherboard because of the same PSU, my Geforce 4 MX440, my 1.4 Tbird Athlon, my 2000+ XP Athlon, my Sound Blaster Live! and my 20Gig harddrive all because of my cheap PSU, and I got it all sorted out within 2 weeks by returning the hardware with the receipts, lying about what happened on each peice!

It goes to show that lying can sometimes be the best option. ;) (otherwise if I didn't, I'd have to pay out about 450+ just to get it all back, and I don't have money like that in a 'lump-sum').

I hope it all works out for you. :thumb: