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Thread: Changing Mobo's

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    What all do I need to know about changing mobo's? I am also getting a new case, so I can have some more room for water cooling and some more case fans besides just one. But my question is what issues will I probably run into? Will I have to re-install XP? Just the basics...
    Also, from the mobo I have now what all do I need to transfer over. I know the processor, but what else?(if anything)

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    The easiest method to use (and truthfully, the only practical method) is to treat this just like building a new system from scratch.

    Definitely reinstall the operating system, trying to use an existing installation on your HDD will be more trouble than it is worth. There are other solutions I have heard of, but you can clean install in less time.

    As long as your CPU, HSF, and RAM are comapatible with the new mobo there is no reason they can't simply be migrated.
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