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Thread: Crashes!!

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    Hi there,

    About two months ago I bought a new computer.
    It worked just fine until the last few weeks. :(
    So now and then I had crashes and hangups from win Xp.At first I thought it was nothing.
    Then I had some major crashes and hangups and the computer sometimes just restarted.
    After a clean install (ofcourse after formatting my hd)all worked fine but then later I was having the same problems.
    But now I had some startup problems along with it.
    So I did another format C and installed win 98se which took about 2.5 hours to get it running
    But the same problems occured.
    As far as I know I had the latest

    And the startup problems remained.
    Sometimes even at the begining when rebooting the computer hanged.Or for example just when it found my IDE drives the computer hanged.Or just from starting windows.
    Even when I try to alter my bios setting to whatever I want it just crashes and I have to reboot again aaaarrrggg...!!
    What is going on?!?
    Bios problem or perhaps Power....

    My specs:
    Thermaltake Xaser II (5 coolers)
    Zalman AlCu Cooler
    Epox 4sda5+ mainboard
    Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz
    512 Mb memory
    Geforce 2 MX
    SB Live Value

    Any Ideas anyone??


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    It sounds more like a BIOS prob to me as power supplies if havin' probs will usually result in restarts but also an incorrect jumper settings on one of your drives can also cause this (especially at the point you describe) so check each drive's jumpers again. ;)

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    check cpu temp.. is ur heatsink fan working?

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