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Thread: What is eating up my cpu resources?

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    Ever since I came back from Christmas break, after my computer had been off for 2 weeks I will periodically have a major slowdown. I have the same number of applications and processes running as usual. However, my computer will suddenly slow down, windows and programs opening slowly, closing slowly, etc. I bring up the task manager and it says that my cpu usage is at 100%. I will shut down all running applications and it is still at 100%. If I reboot, it will go back to normal usage.

    I have a Thunder 1.3gig on an Iwill k266 mobo, 512 meg memory and I am running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1. Come to think of it, I didn't install SP1 until I came back from vacation...

    Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place.

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    have you scanned for viruses?
    also, take a look at "Processes" under task manager to see what's eating up your resorces
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    Somehwat the same thing happens on mine and it varies which program is hogging the cpu.. I would kill the process that was hogging the cpu then another would take place..

    But most times it's when I try to use explorer (not IE) and explore on a directory where I have many big files (divx files).. so i just kill explorer then run it back again.. it works.. but i guess i just have a slow cpu(1.3 athlon)..

    btw, i've had problems with my yamaha 32x cdr/w drive which caused my cpu to *skip*.. I would look at the graph on XP taskmanager (I think under performance tab) and the graph would go up to 100% at the same intervals *about every 30 secs* Then I upgraded to SP1 which seemed to fix it... then a few months later and more windows updates.. it came back.. so i just pulled the plug on the yamaha.. and still waiting for my new one to arrive.

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    this problem is caused by winxp's advanced file information stuff

    windows scans for media in the background of normal runnnin and when it finds media it catalogs it (if u have explorer open it display the extra info for you)

    if it finds a media file that is corrupt or incomplete it can sometimes hang on it attempting to find out what the go is, itseems to go into an endless loop. the thing u should disable is in folder options > vew, then to advanced settings window, and the 2nd or third option is something like display file information or something, turn this off and the problem should be minimised, i found renaming movie files from avi to divx or any like that to something else, which helps on a re-install ;)

    if the problem still happens i think there was a way to do it using tweakui, or xteq.

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