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Thread: Blue Sparks on the Power Supply?

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    i went to the shop and the guy replace the psu for its ok im a first timer on building a PC ... i thought it also affected the mobo and i might be dead...

    my cpu is 2400 then i notice on the boot screen or somewhere and it says the cpu is 1800!! is this strange or what?:bounce: :wave:

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    Well at least the PSU had a fuse then as some don't.

    Your FSB is set to 100MHz instead of 133MHz so just find the jumper/dip switch/BIOS setting and correct it (your manual will have details of this). ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onyx
    Is it also true that half the US' electricity is 50Hz while the others are 60Hz?
    no this is not true all of North america is 110-120V and 60Hz, Europe and a bunch of other places its 220-230V and 50Hz

    If what u are saying was right then companies would have to make different appliances for each part where the frequency is different, example of that would be electronic clocks that run on house currnet they rely on that 60Hz to change the time, if the frequenct was 50Hz and not 60 the clock would be fast about 10mins per hour

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