There seems to be a little bit of a misunderstanding about the mechanics of websites, so let me see if I can straighten this up...

The host server was set to 400GB of total bandwidth for a given amount of time (monthly in our case). This does not have to be a 400GB/sec or 400GB of total content, but a total of 400GB of data being broadcast via the host servers. Even if I have a single picture of 100KB, if it is viewed enough times it will add up to 400GB. Every time that picture is accessed, that adds another 100KB to the cumulative total that is adding up. Every time you bring up a page here in the forums, the amount of data required to show that page is transmitted to your machine (yes, there are caches aboard most systems that help in this endeavor and save you time, but that is another story for another time).

Now, since our host server did not think that we would conceivably hit this 400GB limit, it was felt that this would be enough to effectively give our site the promised "unlimited bandwidth". Since this was not the case, that limiting barrier was just removed so that we won't have any chance for this problem coming up again.

Hope this helps. :)