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Thread: some input please

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    Replace your power supply first... you are doing the right thing...

    Of course, here are a few things I would also want to look at...

    First, your main bios (original) was booting to the windows screen after many attemps with the power button...
    that tells me the bios is probably working, but you have something else hanging the system...

    1. Check and make sure all cards are seated correctly and firmly
    2. Check all your power plugs and make sure they are connected firmly
    3. Make sure nothing is grounded which would cause the motherboard not to operate properly
    4. enter your bios settings, disable a few things and then go back and reboot and see if you notice any difference.
    5. Take the memory out and see if the system beeps at you.
    6. with the new bios, try and remove the graphics card and then boot. See if it beeps. If it does, Id try and find an old AGP card and use that to start... sometimes the new cards will not work in your system until the bios is updated... they could have sent an older version of the bios chip with intent that you would flash the bios...
    7. (question) did you flash your first bios? Did you flash it with windows up or did you boot up with a Dos floppy?
    8. If all fails, strip the computer... install one thing at a time and see if the system beeps or starts...
    9.. if that fails, time for new mobo and / or pc

    hope this helps
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    Thank you all for your contributions. I've determined that my PSU was fine and spent an hour with FIC tech help on Monday. After walking me through diagnostics he gave me a return ticket and Tigerdirect is exchanging the mobo for me.

    Unfortunately, I will never know for sure if it was something that I did in my build or just a flaw in the mobo.

    Thanks again.

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    Is it just me or is the rate at which online stores ship faulty motherboards or video vards increasing? I'll go and consult my tech guys about this:group:
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    I buy OEMs where I can but this mobo was not listed as an OEM. However, where there is heavy price competition online its likely that we may see suspicious trends.

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