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Thread: Issue with Asus A7V8XL and XP2500 Barton.

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    Hi Everyone, Im just looking for some fresh ideas on what to do about by locking up 3d issues.
    I just built a system with an Asus A7v8x mobo,
    512 meg stick of kingston pc2700
    athlon xp2500 Barton
    gforce 4ti4200 8x agp 64 meg
    and windows xp home

    I had to flash the bios on the MOBO to the latest version in order to even post. So I did. Windows installed fine, and the computers boots and runs ok, except for 3d applications. Doesnt matter how intense, anytime it goes into full screen mode, it flickers and locks up. Sometimes the image freezes, and degenerates to big pixels. Its screwy.
    I called asus for tech support, and they suggested a memory test. I did it, and no errors.
    I uninstalled windows about 2 or 3 times and redid all the applicable drivers in different variations. I can run a game in a window, and it seems a bit choppy, but when i go into full screen mode, it locks up instantly.
    In the name of God and all that is holy....would someone please help me????????:afro:

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    What are your bios video settings?

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    Welcome to the bleeding edge of technology. All first run generation chips are buggy, always have been and always will be.

    I stay away from them until the next generation is out and still wait for bios reivision 3.

    Enough on that, you seem to have an agp bus timing problem and may never get it fixed (as well it could be video memory or another video card problem which doesn't seem to be the case initally).

    Scour for answers as well as nvidia for similar problems.

    First, ensure your bios ram settings match your mainboard ram.

    Second, try backing off all on video bios settings one at a time (ie agp 4X-agp2X) and retry to game full window. Then turn off fast writes and so on.

    If you are unfamiliar with bios video settings try here:

    When you get frustrated enough, you can try your video card in a buddies comp to see if it is the card.

    May the force be with you.

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    Thanks C deck. Although I just took the short route and replaced the mobo, Your advice was probably right on.
    Thanks again

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