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Thread: HELP.... is my psu dead?

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    I've never had a psu problem with computers b4, so I am not sure if a psu is malfunctioning, then it should stop working completely or turns on for a while then goes off (like in my case).

    One of our computers suddenly turned off yesterday (not the normal shut down, but it seemed as if someone unplugged the cord).

    When I turn it on right now, it would stay on for about 2 minutes after loading windows, then shut off again.

    There's a green light indicator on the psu that will come on when the power supply is plugged in. When the computer suddenly shuts off, that light turns off as well. And it would only come back on after a while or after plugging it and unplugging it a few times.

    I think it's the psu? or could it be the cord?
    I've tried different power outlets but the same thing happens.

    It's a HP celeron766 mHz, nothing is overclocked, no videocard, so I don't think it's a overheat problem.

    Thanks for any help ~!!!

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    Are your fans working?

    Could be a PSU, but I'm thinking it sounds more like a heat issue.

    Possibly the heatsink has come loose, fan failure, or just plain needs a good cleaning.
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    As well, try another power cable. I you dont have one handy, switch the monitor and power supply cables. I have had similar problems with the female end of the power cable.

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