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Thread: RAM Questions...

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    I didn't build my system other than the RAM I put in and the gfx card of which I had very little options being that my PC only has 4 PCI slots and no AGP slot.

    Compaq built the machine otherwise and the BIOS is extremely lame and very limited in the abilities most BIOS have. There is no way for me to change the aperature.

    As far as BF1942. I ran the wizard in cacheman and did some setting adjustments and 1942 started up. However, it locked up while loading one of the maps. I did a defrag to see if this might help the problem but I'm very doubtful.

    1942 started up and ran pretty fine. I just don't understand why I get relatively the same FPS with everything on the highest setting as I do with it on the lowest setting. If I had it on Medium settings for everything shouldn't my FPS be higher than 28+ ?. Otherwise my system seems to be running a lot more stable now. It is rebooting faster, windows are openning and closing faster.

    It is just frustrating that I've seen it run @ 40fps with everything on high @ 800x600x32 in urban maps such as Stalingrad, Berlin, the smaller maps and that is probably why. I just wish it was that smooth on all the maps, specially the ones with planes or while playing the Desert Combat mod because I enjoy flying. Sometimes the FPS go higher while im flying. Just dont understand it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyranny

    My Monitors refresh rate is 100hz.
    My D3D settings are:
    High Image Quality
    Use up to 63MB of system memory for textures in PCI Mode.
    Anti-Ailiasing I have set for application controlled with
    texture sharpening enabled.
    disk io will have little, if any, performance on frame rates.
    lower the image quality. can you turn off anti aliasing. turn off texture sharpening. retry.

    try playing with sound disabled to see if frame rate improves enough to play. if so then work on the sound options.

    go to the video options in b1942 and unclick all options, slide the scroll bars all the way to the left and select 800x600x16 and retry.

    if still jerky, try the setting the 63 m to something lower and retry.

    if still a no go, get a geforce tweak utility.

    if still a no go, your pci graphics may be a little too taxed for the game. the larger maps and additional bit maps may have just pushed it over the edge.

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