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Thread: soyo mobo locks up

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    i just got a soyo P4X400 Dragon lite mobo, P4 2.4 cpu, 3 sticks of crucial pc2100 256meg put it together and it worked great until i play games. Then it locks up. i heard it was caused by the onboard sound so i disabled sound and it worked great, (but no sound). So then i get a sound card, an AOpen cobra AW-850 6 channel pci card instals no problem but locks up with everything i do. so i take out card and am now back to square one. i run xp pro, 80gig WD, new pro source p4 certified case, 300 watt power supply. also the sound card has same chip set and drivers as onboard mobo (C-media). any suggestions would really be appreciated .:(

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    The best decent soundcard is probably the SBlive! series. I would give one of those a go, as they are most likely the most popular PC soundcards, and will probably suffice for what you do. I know this onboard NVIDIA sound is slightly better IMHO than the SBlive! But nonetheless the SBlive! is what you should try after you return your other card. I am assuming that you have your cooling up to par (Can explain the sudden lockups), your memory is good, and you have the latest BIOS, and the appropriate latest drivers for your box installed :cool:
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    try taking out one stick of memory.
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    What vid card and what settings for it? Is fan working on the card? How long in a game till lockup? All games - Dx and OpenGL?

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    I just put in a generic modem/sound adaptor by conextent with softkey 56k and riptide sound/gameport that i took out of an old hp although i dont need the modem being on dsl my rig now flies with no lock ups. also overclocked it stable at 2.9 :laugh:

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