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Thread: Software Help

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    Not sure if this is where this should go but whatever.
    Recently my counterstrike has not been connecting to games and constantly crashing. So i figure why not scan for viruses. So I open up Norton 2003 and to my suprise almost all the functions are turned off. Including Auto-Protect, Email Scanning, Auto-Update, etc. Well I don't think much of it, I re-enable each one and download the newest updates. Well After they are done DLing and installing it prompts me to restart my computer. I do. Then when it starts to load up my desktop etc an alert shows up from Norton anti virus saying somthing along the lines of "Warning Norton anti virus is unable to intiate auto-protect because of software errors" or somthing like that "please reinstall all Norton anti virus components" . So I open up the Norton control panel and see that next to Email scanning it say ERROR and is says that auto protect is OFF. I try renabling AP but nothing happens... I try again, nothing, not even a working in backround. I the run a full system scan, nothing. What is going on?? I would reinstall Norton except that I don't have the disk! Somehelp please?

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    Buy a copy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjackusa
    Buy a copy.

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