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Thread: Power consumption

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    I just got an email from a friend asking for advise about reducing the amount of power his computer uses.

    It seems that Dad got a new computer and now the college student child is spending a minimum of 8-10 hours a day playing counter strike on it.

    Dad has noticed a $35-$45 increase in his monthly electric bill and he's wondering how to reduce that.

    My response was to replace the computer user with a more energy efficient one, but that is not an option at this point.

    He asked about switching out his monitor for an LCD and although that may help some I have heard that those are fixed resolution and not good for gaming. Is this correct?

    I know nothing else about his set up other than it's a standard case running an Athelon 1.8 with 512k RAM.

    Any ideas folks?

    ohh btw.. he also said they feel hot air coming from the case....chaaaa I BET!!

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    an LCD monitor is ok for gamming if your willing to spend enough money on one. cheap LCD monitors arn't worth it imo. A good one may run as much as $1000. They are very energy effecent, but it may take a while before it pays for itself.

    turn off your monitor when your going to be away from the comp for a while and only turn on periphials when you are going to use them.
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    monitor takes 60% of power that is consumed by a PC. if you are one of those who leave their PC's in between to take calls or do something else then setting your monitor to switch off after 2-3 minutes is a good idea to save on electricity bills.
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    LCD screens are NOT fixed resolution, but they are lacking for games because they have such slow refresh rates, which make things look blurry when stuff starts moving fast. Counterstrike, however isn't a very fast moving game, (camp, hide, camp, hide, shoot) so an LCD will probably be fine.

    LCD screens take 30-40 watts, while a 19inch CRT takes as much as 170.

    Other options for this guy is to underclock his processor, and then get a smaller power supply. Neither of those options are worth if for 30-40$ per week. The LCD monitor, might be.
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