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Thread: need help on community wireles program.

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    I am doing an community wireless project that lets the community share a fast internet connection (need to cover 1 sq mile). My plan is to have a long range accesspoint that connects to small client/accesspoints in each houses. I am wondering if there is anything like a wireless long range client that can also act as a small accesspoint so that each household only has to purchase an expensive long range client but can connect other computers wirelessly to the network. The price of indiviual ownership is very important and since it is a volunteer program, we don't have much funds. Which means that we would prefer a cheap solution. It is also best that the network can start small and expand later. About 50 households are interested and there is a total of 300 house holds in this area (i might have two large accesspoints covering 190 household and 110+ household respectively). I am currently looking at products by smartBridge. Does anyone have any suggestions on a better plan maybe or what products suit my needs?

    Sean Li

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    what you need to do is setup an access point - eg a dlink dwl900+ hooked up to trevor marshall waveguide.

    it'll cost you approx $230 for an AP
    and about $250 in parts for the waveguide

    a good site to check it all out is

    You can also buy a waveguide from them

    you can also check out - a group that I'm a part of

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