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Thread: Warping during gameplay

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    I don't know exactly what the cause is and im despearate to find out so i can stop it, but whenever i play a game of counter-strike i get random "warps" which are ruinging it for me.

    Its weird its not lag. its different whereas in lag you get stuck in the floor and everything grinds to ahalt and when its over everything whizzes at fantastic speeds to catch up....this warping is different i get stuck in the floor but everything carries on as normal and when i move its like i move bizarrelyand at corners i jump miles ahead of where i should be ...its weird but it doesnt happen all the time. Infact it seems to only happen when ive been on the pcz jolt server or after.

    I am on a sitecom 56k external modem with the latest drivers
    running win2k service pack 3

    i use cablenut to change my registry settings (btw anyone got any good ones for gaming?)

    please anyone got any ideas cos im so frustrated right now.

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    What appears to me that you are experiencing is netlag, unless you are running the server yourself. Then, in that case, you should play from a different computer in CS. 56K is not an optimal connection speed to play CS unless you are playing on a dedicated server with you and maybe one other player. Even with AI bots running around, I think CS still has alot of bugs in the graphics engine. Thus a new version of CS is in the works but yet to be released. Also, CS has many twaeks of it's own that only the server administrator can adjust which can allow leaping and various movments which attempt to mimick real-time body movement. Sounds like your video and, line-connection, and refresh have alot to do with this. If you want to reduce your "warping" experience, try tweaking your display features such as refresh rates, 32-bit color vs. 16-bit, anti-aliasing , 3d-FX vs. OpenGL rendering, etc. There is too much to list. This website should have some areas for tweaking your video card and advanced video settings in order to get the most from your gaming. Good Luck.

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    sigh! you've obviously misunderstood what i've tried to explain. My pc performs the job adequately i dont enable anti aliasing i use 16bit colour and usually stay around the 100fps marker I'm not new to tweaking infact my pc is bosoted to perform well beyond its default levels. But the problem is net based its not counter-strike settings based. Its a problem client side within either my registry or a problemwith the modem itself. Its hard to explain the symptoms without making it sound like something else so I understand your incorrect analysis but i appreciate the response nonetheless.

    If anyone else rrecognises the symptoms or has any 56k cablenut settings for me to try id appreciate it thanks.

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    I have something that will help you...
    try these commands.

    cl_updaterate 30

    cl_cmdrate 30

    rate 4600

    if it does not work experiment around with the settings...With my ADSL connecntion i was getting 60-70 ping on my favourite after some tweakage i now get 30-40. Those are the recommended rates for 56K...however u may need to experiment a litte before u find your ideal rates. I suggest trying:

    cl_updaterate: 10-40

    cl_cmd_rate: 20-50

    rate: 3000-7000

    Also, the ping u see wen u press tab isnt always accurate...Use net_graph will show your ping as well as other useful things. Good luck...Hopefulyl this will help u out alot. Tell me how it goes for u:cheers:
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    modded case: 2x120mm,4x80mm
    40GB Seagate Barracuda 4
    Sony trinitron 17"
    Antec Trupower 380W
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