Well then, I guess I know people are damn lucky :p . Also, even if you searched for it, how could they prove you d/l'd it and have it. Beacause it's peer to peer, it'd be damn tough to find some way to monitor between comps. And if s*** really hits the fan, yank out the hard drive with the stuff and toss/burn/bury/wet/magnatize/burn it. But that seems like a violation against the fourth amendment (improper search and seizure) if they came to your house. All of this seems like an infraction on the first and tenth amendments (10th being all rights not mentioned are left to the people, and they really didnt have computers back then). Also, how can they even bag people for sharing music? No one is paying for it, so I dont think that goes against and copyright laws. I mean, they dont arrest people for playing music at large parties, and that's wide scale public presentation. Ah well, still seems like a load of bulls***, I'd like to see them actually try to get someone who has some brains and a good lawyer. : peace2: Mista K6