The phone company tried to put a DSL modem on my comp. today & we never got it to work. He's coming back tomorrow & I'm working on it tonight. About 1 hour after he left, I discovered what I "THINK" is the problem. I'll just explain it briefly, & if any of ya'll are sharp on DSL, could you help me?
1ST of all, the modem IS listed on the "network connection" page & shows "enabled". Everything here looks in order & the modem is brand new, not damaged.
2ND'LY, the modem DOES appear to be trying to do something, but isn't trying very hard. Occasionaly, the "stats" will show 10 or 20 "packets" sent---but never any "received". If you try to open a page, it will show "looking for.........." about 20 seconds, then go to the "failed" screen.
3RD'ISH, this is where I feel the ultimate & only problem is, although there's a good chance I'm wrong, cause I have ZERO experience in broadband/networking. In the "device manager", under "network adapters", there are a total of 12 entries. I'll try to make these as short as possible, but understandable.

1. (MOBILE ASSIST) RTL8139/810x Fam. Fast Ether. NIC
2. Direct Parallel
3. Micro. Loopback Adapter
4. Micro. Tun Miniport Adap.
5. RAS Async Adap.
6. RTL8139 C+ Fast Ether. NIC
7. RTL8139/810x Fam. Fast Ether. NIC
8. RTL8139/810x Fam. Fast Ether. NIC #2
9. WAN Miniport (IP)
10. WAN Miniport (L2TP)
11. WAN Miniport (PPPOE)
12. WAN Miniport (PPTP)

The problem--1.,6.,& 8. have a yellow exclamation on them. Under "right click - properties", it gives a "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" device status. I believe the modem isn't working because of these 3 adapters not being right. The drivers are all there, they are enabled, & all that stuff, but I can't get the yellow mark off of them.
Anybody got any clues? I'd appreciate all responses. "Troubleshoot" doesn't help out at all. THANKS!!!