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Poll: WHat type of network do you have

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Thread: Who has a Server at home

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    Ummm...I'm still trying to network just 5 computers...:o
    I'm a total newb to servers....but I'm willing to learn :D
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    Just wait till ya get to 16 PC's on ya network though I use my XP2200+ as the file/internet/print server.

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    yeah work servers are different
    we have about 35, unix, nt4 win2k, win2003, novel, linux, sql, sybase, etc. with 900 computers on our main campus, another 50 spread over bendigo linked by wireless, and another 100 off site spread over 1/4 of victoria, some linked by ADSL & VPN's Others by dialup.

    At times I've taken the plane to service some of our PC's

    we also have another 10 hospitals linked into us via frame relay and we have a 2 meg pipe into the internet.

    As you can imagine - a hospital network is very complex with every department wanting different databases (usually more than one). I did a search on our network and we had over 16,000 access databases

    We have approx 3000 users.

    We are installing 25 new (replacement) computers every month and the total amount of PC's is rising by 10% every year.

    I rolled out w2ksp3 to our PC's last week and was quite happy that I only BSOD 20 computers, of which only 2 had to be reghosted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueyes
    well heck if you wanted work stuff to we run our server on Linux LAN with well over 400+ pcs I'd imagine just for this department. Everybody has their own login. Hospital wide shoot over 2000+ users.
    that is the setup through which i get internet at HOME
    our work network is a MAN that has more than 50 servers located at different hospitals in the city connecting more than 1000 PC's and no i don't have specs of those servers.
    i m an absolute n00b to know all those details when it comes to networking
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    i run a dedicated backup DNS/mail/web server for the company.

    i use a mix of either debian or adamantix at home/work.

    debian for workstations, adamantix for dedicated servers

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    I use a RedHat 9 box as a file, print, ftp, and web server. I used to use a windows box as my server but i got sick of having to reboot it. Samba is faster than ms file sharing anyway.:p

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewTarball
    I used to use a windows box as my server but i got sick of having to reboot it.
    I don't reboot mine to often..

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    Lets see.
    wifi network, print server, almost all my machines have some file sharing on them.
    One with apps, another with games, a different one with mp3s.....
    Also my main system has ICS (untill I can get smoothwall to run right) so i guess thats a server too.
    none of them are as/400 machines or anything, but still serve files, so i guess they count.
    I think I like playing with routers more than with the servers. although as of today, I promised to get a good name scheme going. cuz after having to reinstall everything on my main rig, I found that half the time I didnt know what file is what! :rolleyes2 : omg:

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    wireless 802.11b for the cable modem (still goes straight into mine hehehehe, no bandwidth for dad when im.........erm downloadin all those..........erm...........lovely demos and.........other large files;) ) i think im the nominated server, as the ICS wizard sets mine as gateway
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